Assessing the quality of a horror movie isn’t hard at all – you are either scared or you’re not. But this goes a long way, since there are wide varieties of fear types that horror ดูหนัง can make you feel. The most popular that most people don’t want to feel is the jump scare. A jump scare basically happens when the audience is in a suspense situation and a huge monster appears out of the blue shouting into the camera. It works, it scares people, but it doesn’t really do the trick for anyone.

Usually the preferred type of scare is the psychological one. Nothing tells you you’ve been watching an amazing horror movie other than being afraid of going to your own bathroom in the middle of the night. Movies that manage to scare people like this usually don’t even need to be promoted, people like them so much they tell their friends about the movie and watch it again with them so they can see them suffer as well.

There are, however, terrible horror movies out there and we mean terrible in the sense that they won’t scare you, they will bore you. Usually these types of movie try to focus a lot on a complex story and create a lot of suspense throughout the movie but never really deliver any kind of quality content that people want to see in a horror movie and as such, end up failing in the genre.

The kind of horror movie is usually one that you don’t get at all during the movie and when the end comes, you have a huge epiphany where you understand everything that happened throughout the movie, but keep on being afraid of the bad guys because, well, it’s a horror movie. These are rare, but when you manage to find one, you really won’t forget it.

Essentially, you will know if a horror movie is great if you have somehow heard of it before looking it up. Even the horror movies that get promoted on television are usually of very high quality. This doesn’t really mean that if you didn’t hear about a horror movie before discovering it that it automatically sucks, it can actually be amazing and end up being the movie you have ever seen in your life.


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