A Wiccan Love Spell is very powerful, effective and forceful – that is why Wiccan Love Spells are so much in demand. Wiccan Love Spells, like any other magic voodoo love spells using pictures spells, can help to smooth out the troubles in an existing relationship or can deepen the love and passion in a relationship stuck in the doldrums or it may attract you love from a stranger.

Following are a few very effective Wiccan Love Spells that you should cast to get true love. These spells will work wonders and will also enhance commitment and happiness in a relationship with a named lover. But you have to use a Wiccan Love Spell with extreme caution as, lack of genuineness/seriousness and sincerity of feelings/wishes can have an adverse effect.

To remove hurdles and obstacles that prevent being eyed out by a wonderful lover and to open out your heart, you can use this simple Wiccan Love Spell. This magic spell has to be performed in total tranquility after creating the necessary time and space.

It involves taking an herb scented shower or bath. You have to first pour sufficient amount of rose essential oil over natural sea salt or bath salt. Take a handful of bath salt. Then you have to run the hot bath. Mix in the water with the salt and essential oil mix. Listen to inspiring music while enjoying your relaxing bath. Now you have got to dress up in clean clothes.

Then light scented or aromatic candles and incense and arrange multi colored flowers to facilitate the arrival of a new lover in your life. Create a Wiccan altar by placing a clean piece of cloth on table. Then arrange pink or red flowers on this altar. It is best to go for scented roses. Then you have to arrange 4 red or green candles in 4 corners of the altar in each cardinal direction – west, east, south and north. If colored candles are unavailable, you may safely use white candles.

Take a suitable container and burn love incense in it. Place the container on a charcoal disk. Some of the ideal herbs are frankincense, lavender or rose or you may settle for a store bought mix of love incense.

Then you have to loudly declare your heartfelt desire for love with full sincerity. Speak in a language in which you are most comfortable. Then you have to meditate for a few minutes. After your meditation is over, you should extinguish the incense and candles.


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