I will be honest I have actually heard of this before. Where companies will pay people to apply temporary tattoos to some part of their body and advertise for some sort of business. The most recent company to do something like this was an airline in New StakeOnline Casino. They actually put an ad out in the paper for bald men and asked that they put a temporary tattoo on their bald head and walk around the airport advertising this particular airline.

If you ask me this is rather genius. Because it you see a bald man walking towards you,Get Paid To Advertise With A Tattoo Articles you are going to look and even more so if they have a tattoo on their head. I haven’t heard if this form of advertising helped the airline in anyway, but I can assure you it definitely got peoples attention.

As I mentioned above I have heard of this advertising method before. It was done with some casino in Las Vegas, I don’t remember which one. But they paid a pregnant woman to get a tattoo of the casino’s name on her stomach. This woman got paid a good chunk of change for doing this. But with anything like this there was a big controversy about it because people that it was wrong and unmoral. I personally think it was great because the casino more than likely helped that women pay for a lot of things for her child as well as the healthcare she needed while she was pregnant. If someone every approached me to advertise for their company with a fake tattoo I would do it in a heartbeat. But if they wanted me to get a real tattoo that is a whole other story.


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