Amazon FBA, and generally selling jeeter live resin on the Amazon platform, has quickly become a goldmine for a number of vendors – who both got in early and managed to cultivate an audience who wanted what they were offering.

To do this properly, you have to be able to consider exactly what you’re doing regarding the sale of products, and how they’re showcased.

Apart from appealing photos, the description is the main way people are able to gain an insight into what the product does, how it works – and how it’s different to other competing ones.

This tutorial aims to highlight how you’re able to manage the most effective Amazon product listing descriptions…

What most people see in the Amazon listing is the top part (Title, Images & Bullet Points) – the “meat” of the listing is the description, which can include basic HTML formatting.

If you want to create an effective listing, the trick is to be clear, concise and thorough.

The best generally have clear, high definition images, coupled with informative & compelling bullet points (which are focused on benefits) and a keyword-rich title.

The real killer the “copy” used throughout the listing. Both in the bullet-points and the full description, being able to convey the benefits of the product whilst ensuring the reader is compelled to buying your particular product is a fine line.

Due to the nature of this copy, a number of copywriting experts have been making serious money providing “Amazon Product Listing” copywriting services. The premise is they will help people make more money by writing more lucid copy.

How To Do It Yourself

As mentioned, the above structure is pretty-much what determines whether a product will be accepted by Amazon.

Such examples as creating a “compelling” title (which just has to list the various features of the product from the perspective of how it can be used) and a “description” which showcases how the product can fit into the buyer’s life will convert much higher than simply listing the features of the product. Remember, the majority of people are buying the product for an ulterior reason… highlighting how it will push them to this underlying result will make the difference between buying the product or not.


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