Wladimir Klischko 34 year old carries three heavy weight world champion belts and his brother Vitali carries one. Whereas their announced opponent carries a British number title, with one Championship belt as well which the แทงมวยออนไลน์ brothers are willing to take. Critics rank this fight as highly exciting, where both parties are capable of giving each other a very tough time. The crowd would be witnessing some really spectacular and heart throbbing moments in the ring. However it is still be decided which one of the Klitschko siblings is going to face Haye in the bout.

It should be noticed that last year a fight between Wladimir Klitschko and David Haye was scheduled but David Haye withdrew from the bout due to his back injury. Now he has recovered and is fit to take any stronger opponent. Similar boxing news was heard about Wladimir who was scheduled to fight against the British heavyweight boxer Dereck Chisra, but this fight was abandoned due to Wladimir’s abdominal injury. But recent boxing scenario is filled with hype and excitement on the announcement of fight between Klitshkos and Haye.  So the boxing betting should also be based on these facts.

Though the final word about this fight has not been confirmed yet, the manager of David Haye, Adam Booth stated that they are perfectly in position for a bout against Wladimir. Furthermore the offer of fifty-fifty deal is a pretty lucrative incentive for this bout to happen. So it is going to be a big money match.

Haye expressed himself to be very confident and hopeful to hold all three boxing world champion titles. He is also looking for making history for the British with this fight. As Haye has not taken back his word on retiring before his birthday; this fight would mostly likely occur before October. The location for this fight is expected to be held at Las Vegas or in England. This is going to be a thriller for boxing news world as well as boxing betting world. It seems like 2011 is already filled with sensational boxing ring vibes at its beginning.


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