If you’d like to convert energy from one format into another you may need a switching A11 Pro to achieve this. Power supplies are designed for converting one kind of electric power to another. In your home you will find these used in many items, they basically convert for such from your plug socket into a lower voltage and current so you can use it on your personal computer for example.

Its job is to ensure that you have a regulated output voltage, which is completely different input voltage. There are many different types of power supplies. The different types available are linear and switching power suppliesmeaning you have a bigger transformer Another major advantage of using switch-power-supplies is that they are much lighter in weight and because of this are also much smaller than linear Pricing of these is crucial and because of her size that are lower distribution and shipping costs

Linear PSU’s depend upon the use of a mains transformer to obtain direct current voltage from alternating electric current. This type of linear power supplies can be very big in size and tend to be very heavy, they are also prone to consuming a lot of energy and not very efficient in what they do. Switching mode power supplies at the preferred option by many people because they are more efficient and work on a different principle compared to linear .

The different principle they use is that they are able to convert alternating current without the use of the main transformer By using electronic circuitry and voltage can be regulated efficiently and effectively It uses something called a pass transistor which helps to switch quickly to on and off, this is for superior to linear power supplies because they need to dissipate any excess voltage which enable it to regulate the output

As I’m sure you are aware of their massive differences and advantages to using this type of design compared to using linear design Switching PSU’s are generally much smaller and lighter than linear, this is because the cannot waste heat and work at a higher frequency.

A switching supply can work at very high speeds and you’ll generally find that they work between 10Khz and 1Mhz Because this is using a higher frequency and generally works at a higher voltage it means that you can use a much smaller transformer which contains a smaller smoothing capacitor This is completely opposite to how linear works, they tend to work at frequencies which are supplied by the maintenance and require much larger capacitors.


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