Like any problem, West Coast Cure Weed and lawn care can usually be brought down to controllable proportions. The first step is to begin with as clear a plot as feasible.

This means that if you intend on planting a new lawn it is vital to take the necessary steps to start out with the right soil. Put down some weed killer material, than wait the necessary amount of time prior to planting the seeds. Follow any instructions given on the box. Then, lay down seeds that are as weed free as possible.

That style of seeding is typically more costly and when you have a wide area to cover there is often the tendency to save some money by using a more cost efficient product. One of the main reasons why these seed products are less expensive it that they haven’t been put through a process to flush out the weeds at the factory. This has the result of producing more weeds (along with the grass) than the superior types.

This has the result of needing to spend more time and energy of trying to eradicate weeds later. That’s not really a very good trade off. You end up spend more weekends and money fighting those weeds. Always use the best seeds possible. It’s often cheaper over the long run and your back will certainly thank you too.

In small sections of lawn or garden areas, you can put down a type of weed controlling fabric. Often lightweight portions of cloth (usually black) which are intended to minimize weeds. They restrict the amount of sunlight and heat that’s able to reach the soil beneath the cloth. Also providing a physical obstacle, that will put off some species of weeds from punching through.

The weed controlling fabric is available in various roll widths. Select according to your requirements, but keep in mind that it may be trimmed to any length and width desired. When it’s been laid down, simply cover with a weed free soil and lastly plant in the seeds.

If you already have a establish garden or lawn if is possible to control any weeds successfully by using a pre emergent herbicide. Which basically means that the chemical used will destroy the weeds at the seed stage, rather than waiting for them to sprout.

That’s beneficial for two reasons. Firstly, it means that there is no need to spray or pull them after growth, when there stronger and becoming annoying. It also reduces the population, as they will not have sufficient time for underground root systems to grow and appear everywhere. The easier they have it to spread underground and mature, the more difficult it will be to control.

With many species of weeds, your likely to discover that simply tugging them out will not help to reduce there present and future populations. As you remove the weeds, if you pull out enough of the root, grass will often fill in and out compete them for soil nutrients, space, water and sunlight.

In the case of something like a dandelion infestation for example, the easiest way to eradicate them is either by spot or large scale spraying. Spot spray is often preferable, as it’s usually more low cost, takes less time, and is much less likely to damage the surrounding grass and other plants. But, there will also be times where a broad spray is the best option.


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