With millions of people jobless even after having academic degrees,ucdm it has become clear beyond any doubt; that toiling hard to fetch these degrees are now not enough to secure a well-paying job. Today, skill is the one that matters most. So, students are now more inclined to pursue skill-oriented courses that promise a job immediately after the 10th or 12th.

Some examples of these skill-oriented courses that have become popular are hospitality management, graphic designing, mobile app development, web development, etc. Of all these, the hospitality management course is grabbing all eyeballs. Now, the question arises of how it is getting so much popularity with each passing day. Let’s have a look.

Over the last decade, the global hospitality industry has witnessed a massive boom. The growth in the global economy has benefitted the hospitality industry as more people around the world are now willing to spend on travel activities (both leisure and business. The airfares have reduced significantly and have also encouraged people to travel to overseas destinations like never before. It is surprising but true that approximately 175 million people were earning their bread and butter while working in the hospitality industry before the pandemic.
The industry is now on the path of recovery and will soon need a workforce to cater to the growing demands of its guests. There are almost 8 million job opportunities in hotels and restaurants in the U.S alone! Thus, all over the world, the number of job opportunities will be staggering!

Obviously, they will hire trained undergraduates or graduates as no one wants to invest their time and energy in imparting training to recruits. Unlike an MBBS or BTech course, after completing which students can become either a doctor or engineer, completing a hospitality management course opens several job opportunities! Some of these are as follows:


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